Getting Hacked Doesn't Have To Put Your Business On Life Support

Now, for a low monthly investment, you can survive a breach and get back to work!

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You’ve just been notified that your company’s computer network has been breached. Pat from Accounting opened an email from you, clicked on the link inside, and unwittingly gave hackers access to:

  • Social security numbers
  • Banking info
  • Bank statements with wiring instructions
  • Retirement accounts
  • Passwords

Left unchecked, these criminals will bring your company to its knees.

Your adrenaline surges. Your heart sinks into your stomach. You break into a cold sweat, your mind starts racing.

How did this happen?

Can we stop them?

What did they take?

What's this going to cost?  

Who should I call first?

The truth is, anyone could've clicked on that link. But that doesn't matter now.

It's time to act, and if you don't take the right steps...

  • Your reputation could be in shambles
  • You could be fined millions of dollars
  • Your customers could sue you
  • You could go bankrupt & lose everything

You thought you were doing everything right, you took every security precaution, or so you thought. Unfortunately, all it takes is a single human error to open the doors to disaster.

It doesn't matter if you have your IT in-house or outsourced to a cloud vendor. They get hacked too. Just a few years ago, Dropbox's IT provider let 68 million user accounts get exposed.

Human error is the leading cause of data breaches

If you don't have a solid response plan, you could face a business-killing event. This is not a battle you can win on your own, and things are only getting worse:

  • In the last two years, ransomware attacks have increased over 97 percent.
  • By 2021, ransomware is expected to infect a new organization every 11 seconds.
  • In 2019, phishing emails increased by 109% compared to 2017.

BUT... with the help of a specialist, you can have a fighting chance.

Real-Life Horror Stories

A dental practice found a ransomware demand for $4,000 on a computer which contained protected health information (PHI) on 3,780 patients. In addition to paying the ransom, the dental practice incurred the following expenses: IT services, legal services, breach notification, identity restoration and credit monitoring, and public relations. Expenses totaled $49,428.79.
A professional services firm was hacked, and personnel files were breached. In addition to breach notification and credit monitoring services, some employees filed suits against their employer. The total cost of the breach was in excess of $100,000.
An employee  of a professional services firm had a laptop stolen during a work conference. The laptop contained sensitive client information. The computer was password protected but information was not encrypted. The incident cost the firm $20,000 in forensic and notification expenses.

Get Back To Business & Experience True Peace of Mind

What if, for one low, monthly price, you could:

  • Stop the attack before it causes irreparable damage
  • Identify what's been compromised
  • Eliminate the source of the breach
  • Mitigate the financial and reputational fallout
  • Collect relevant civil, criminal and regulatory evidence
  • Put preventative measure in place

With BreachMD, now you can!

A One-of-a-Kind 24/7 'White-Glove' Breach Response Service

It's crucial that you're prepared in the heat of the moment.

Taking the right steps to quickly stop an attack is critical to halting the damage done to your reputation - and to your wallet.

That's why we assembled a team of cyber forensic experts and lawyers. Their primary objective is to help you stop an attack in progress, reduce liability and reputational damage, and implement systems for preventing future attacks.

In addition, you get a safety net of either $100,000, $250,000 or $1 million to help you cover damages and fines.

It's Breach Response Service at its finest.

When you sign up for BreachMD, you'll get:

24/7  Breach Hotline with Specialist Attorneys

Our hotline is staffed by attorneys who are experts in breach response. They give you professional guidance and confidentiality to reduce potential liability.

Crisis Management & Notification

When an incident occurs, you'll receive public relations assistance, call center management, and other services to help you manage communication and eliminate additional exposure.

Identity Theft Management

If personal information is exposed, BreachMD provides services to monitor and repair identity threats.

Breach Forensics

Identifying the root cause of a breach is critical, which is why BreachMD investigates incidents and further securing your systems and data.

Partner Portal Alerts

BreachMD will monitor the Dark Web for any data linked to you (or your vendors) that could mean a breach incident has likely occurred and needs your attention.

Cyber Insurance Coverage

BreachMD has partnered with Foresite to offer you the best Cyber Liability Insurance available. It covers the initial response cost and there's no deductible needed. Multiple levels of coverage are available to ensure your specific needs can be met. Coverage can be layered with existing policies to cover deductible or excluded costs. These can include regulatory fines, penalties, or notification costs.

Legal Defense

BreachMD provides legal defense in the event of a liability claim from a customer.

Breach Identification

BreachMD uses common digital forensic and incident response skills to determine the current level of security within an environment.

Us Compared To The Rest

Other Cyber Insurance

24/7 Breach Response Hotline

Crisis Management & Notification

Identity Theft Management

Breach Forensics

Partner Portal Alerts

Legal Defense

Breach Identification

No Deductible

No Audit To Qualify

Cyber Insurance Coverage

How It Works

You choose if you want to start with $100k or $250k worth of coverage below & sign up for BreachMD. You can choose to increase your coverage to $1M after signup.

BreachMD will alert you if our Dark Web Monitoring discovers any data linked to you or your vendors. If you identify a breach you would reach out to our 24/7 cyber attorney hotline.

BreachMD's team of security and PR experts will mobilize to get your business back on track after a data breach. This is all covered by your policy so you pay nothing out of pocket.

BreachMD's Security Experts will put in place systems to help prevent data breaches from occurring in the future. Ongoing staff education is also provided via our online portal.

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Incident Response w/ Dark Web Scanning & $100,000 Coverage
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Incident Response w/ Dark Web Scanning & $250,000 Coverage
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